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Ah! Staff - the people behind the scenes, who are the core of today’s Ah! family:

Over the years there have been over 50 people working to achieve today’s Ah! look and shape. Naturally some of the staff moved away or around, however they all have played a valuable part, and we thank all who helped us to get where we are today. Those who did not want to support us in this journey - we did it anyway! That's the true spirit of who we are and what we want to deliver to our customers - the highest quality, the most fashionable trends, the best products, luxury packaging, the most valuable experience and this can only be achieved with the right people at the forefront of the company and behind the scenes!


- Mag:

Mag she has always been a part of the business, in the early days teamed up with various partners, she has learnt over the years that the only person who gets Ah! at the hardest moments is herself. She has founded and trademarked Ah! Jewellery, travelled the world to make sure it has all it needs in the ever changing and demanding business world, manages the factories, and oversees key operations and serves the company as a managing director. A very strict one, mind you! ;) She is always involved in everything at Ah! And will drive the team to deliver the best for the business, Mag has an eye for everything, from business strategies, design, photography to merchandising and so much more. This truly shows in the work Ah! Jewellery delivers for their customers.



- Andreé:

Andreé cool, calm, collected... he has grown within the business from an apprenticeship position to visual design! He is truly the nicest guy you would ever meet. He deals with different aspects of every day operations and almost always with a smile!



- Jake:

Jake our new and very hard-working apprentice, who is looking to stay with us! The best way to explain Jake is... that he will never let you down, he is never off, unless something chains him out of the office. When everything and everyone fails, Jake will be there! His approach is so much appreciated and so rare to find today!



- Anna:

Anna an extremely skilled jewellery designer & maker - a GEM - she handcrafts stunning pieces, has a great eye for photography and in general is just a sweetheart! We hope to never let go!



- Rob:

a qualified teacher and interpreter, very academic, who over the years helped with logistics and management decisions, he has extensive IT knowledge and in his free time (which he does not have making us all the more grateful for the cooperation!) he manages the Ah! website project, supporting the developers in achieving the website goals.



- Peter:

our website designer who, from scratch, designed our new site in 2018. We are proud our website is not a template, not even the rarest one! It is a one of and totally made from scratch which is unusual in today’s E-commerce.



- Rananjay & team:

ahjewellery.co.uk developer, backend staff who is a crucial Magento expert and all the coding magic is thanks to them! We send him a to-do and they deliver!



- Viola:

our model we have worked with for nearly 20 years, travels the world and is simply fabulous, wherever she decides to shoot for us again!



- Nick & Craig & Team:

everything to do with accounts! The least fun part of the business and we are extremely grateful to them for keeping Ah! bookkeeping in line!



- Raman:

she helps to keep the place tidy and if needed will do so much more! Thank you Raman!



- Back office girls:

we refer to them as back office, they love it and we love them! Our back office is undergoing major changes so check back for an exciting update soon!



- Sophia & Muffin:

well, the youngest of the team, technically not able to work, but somehow they manage to rock and run the place at times, and boss around - the MD at most!



- Christmas staff:

check out later for this year's openings and to see who has a chance and who has made it into Ah! Christmas fam!


Ah! Jewellery - loads of sparkle!

Ah! Jewellery store in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham



I purchased these for my Mum for Mothers' Day and she was ecstatic. She is definitely one of those people who has everything so what to buy? The silver drop ear clasp adds length and style to the earrings and the prisms of light that shine from the crystal are multicoloured. The length is perfect for day or evening wear and they are very unusual, a fact that was commented on by her family members and friends. I would highly recommend.
1 April 2020
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Presentation excellent. Great value for money. Perfect gift for a daughter who is an elegant lady.
25 February 2020
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Look impressive as a gift. Would highly recommend. Ordered one set but will be ordering more. Come really well presented in a lovely gift box and look more expensive than they are. Would like to receive one myself as a gift!
7 December 2019
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Matthew Hall
These are so pretty. The colour spectrum is amazing. They are very comfortable in the ear, and I like that they are lever back, as I'm sick of losing earrings. I will definitely be purchasing some more as gifts for family and friends.
12 October 2019
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Amazon Customer
Absolutely beautiful ring. Bought this myself as a gift from me to me and honestly couldn't be happier with it. It's so pretty and shiny!
23 August 2019
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I was dubious at first for the price but i'm pleasantly surprised, i have been wearing these everyday since getting them, and sometimes i forget they are in and have to check because they are so light on the ears. In the right light they give enough sparkle you'd think they were more expensive.
29 January 2019
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I love these. They arrived in a classy looking box with a ribbon and the earrings are gorgeous and look expensive. They are comfortable to wear: not too heavy and no sticking out bits that catch the skin and irritate. Would definitely buy them again as a present for a friend.
6 May 2018
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A Customer